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Aachi Masala Vegetable Masala, 200 gr

Aachi Masala Vegetable Masala, 200 gr
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Vegetable Masala is a delicious aromatic herb mix for vegetables to prepare delicious spiced vegetable dishes. Bring the authentic taste of Indian cuisine into your home! Read more..

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Vegetable Masala

Vegetable Masala (kruidenmix voor groente) 100% natural without additives
Vegetable Masala (kruidenmix voor groente) 100% organic
Vegetable Masala (kruidenmix voor groente) Healthy and low in calories
Vegetable Masala (kruidenmix voor groente) Quick and easy to prepare
Vegetable Masala (kruidenmix voor groente) Suitable for vegetarian food


Vegetable Masala is a delicious aromatic spice mix for vegetables to prepare deliciously seasoned vegetable dishes. Bring the authentic taste of Indian cuisine into your home! Once prepared, it can be combined with, for example, one of our rice varieties or pastas.


Ingredients vegetable masala

Coriander, red chilli powder, dry manga, black salt, cumin, green cardamom, black pepper, fenugreek, cloves, cinnamon, carom seed, noodle nut, ginger, garlic, mace, black cardamom, salt, mint, turmeric, fennel, black cumin, dry fenugreek leaves.


Nutritional value per 100 gr

Energy value / Calories: 1598.9 kJ/380 kcal
Fat: 12 gr
Of which saturated: 2 gr
Carbohydrates: 52 gr
Of which sugars: 0 gr
Protein: 16 gr
Salt: 4.1 gr



200 gr.


Explanation ingredients vegetable masala

Coriander: The leaves have a lemony taste, while the seeds have a slightly sweet, aniseed taste.
Cumin: gives a nutty and peppery taste to dishes. Can be used in, for example, curry or chili.
Fenugreek: It is a plant of the finder flower family. The seeds can be used in salads, vegetable dishes or curry sauce, for example. It has its own specific taste.
Cloves: Gives a herbaceous and spicy flavor to dishes.
Cinnamon: can be used with both spicy and sweet dishes due to the deliciously warm and sweet taste.
Nutmeg: ideal for savory or sweet dishes.
Ginger: has an intense pungent taste. Can be used in, for example, desserts, bread or biscuits. In India it is widely used with fish.
Garlic: has distinctive flavor and can be used in many dishes.
Foeli: the seed coat that surrounds the nutmeg. Can be used in sweet desserts (rice porridge) or with fish, soups and sauces.
Cardamom: herbaceous plant of the ginger family. It has a pungent smell and the taste is sweet with a hint of lemon, camphor and bergamot. The green variant provides spice and freshness. The black variant is suitable for more powerful dishes such as curries and stews.
Ajwain (ajowan seed/carom seed): seeds of the bishop's herb. It tastes a bit like thyme and oregano. In Indian cuisine it is widely used in curries, bread and vegetables.
Fennel: promotes digestion and freshens breath. Fennel tea is used for coughing.
Turmeric: spice extracted from the roots Curcuma plant. It provides flavor and color in curry dishes.


Allergen info

This product is packaged and/or stored in a facility that also processes products containing nuts, peanuts, mustard, celery, gluten, sesame, shellfish, soy, sulphite, fish and molluscs. Despite all precautions, this product may contain traces of these allergens.


Storage advice

Store in a cool and dry place. After opening, transfer contents to an airtight container. The spice mix can be kept up to 2 years after production date.


Preparation vegetable masala

  1. Cook the vegetables.
  2. Heat the oil and add mustard, curry leaves and onion to taste and fry until brown.
  3. Add tomato and cook for a while longer.
  4. Add Aachi Vegetable Masala and stir well.
  5. Add the cooked vegetables with enough water and cook through.
  6. When the porridge is almost dry, add coconut milk and stir well.
  7. Remove the pan from the heat before it boils and serve it hot.


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