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We will soon be expanding our drinks category further with various juices, tea and coffee.

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PG Tips Black Tea, 116 gr

Responsibly produced black tea, which produces a dark taste.

Chakra Sukku Coffee, 200 gr

Sukku coffee is not coffee as the name suggests, but a mixture of herbs, which must be dissolved in water and boiled.

Chikko Not Coffee Roasted Chicory, 150 gr

"Not Coffee" decaffeinated coffee alternative made from roasted chicory root. A delicious drink with a nice deep taste and a subtle bitterness.

Aachi Masala Chukku Malli Coffee Powder, 200 gr

Chukku coffee is not coffee as the name suggests, but a mixture of spices, which must be dissolved in water and boiled.

Dilmah Italian Almond Tea

A malty, medium-high Ceylon Gourmet tea in a delicious combination with the slightly bittersweet, aromatic taste of Italian almond. A tea with a medium body with a delicious scent, a slightly sweet and very pleasant aftertaste.
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Dilmah Ginger and Peppermint Infusion Tea

A refreshing clear amber herbal tea with a sweet, minty aroma. The slightly nutty taste of rooibos is subtly complemented by fresh mint and spicy ginger.
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Dilmah Lemongrass and Spearmint Tea

A wonderfully refreshing, amber herbal tea with the scent of spring. Lemon, herbs and mint enliven the taste and give a spicy aftertaste.

Chakra Tea

A delicious tea full of aroma and flavor. The tea is made from premium quality tea leaves from India.

Dilmah Perfect Ceylon Tea

An essential gourmet tea experience; tea from the western region of Ceylon, where the different climatic conditions yield a perfectly balanced tea.
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Dilmah Coconut and Mango Infusion Tea

A clear, amber herbal tea with the inviting scent of ripe, tropical mango. Sweet with a hint of coconut in the aftertaste.

Biona Organic Pomegranate Pressed Juice, 200 ml

100% pomegranate juice from organic cultivation.
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Dilmah Cardamom Ginger and Orange Tea

Orange, grapefruit in a beautiful combination with slightly spicy and sweet cardamom. Fruity, orange citrus and a hint of spice.
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Dilmah Bergamot Orange Peppermint and Lemon Tea

A soft herbal tea with the sweet aroma of citrus and mint. Orange and lemon predominate, followed by a sparkling hint of mint that refreshes the mouth wonderfully.

Dilmah All Natural Green Tea - Lemongrass and Lemon

Natural Green Tea with Lemongrass from Dilmah is a fresh aromatic tea with a hint of lemon. The soft green tea goes perfectly with the tangy lemon. Together they form an elegant energizing tea.
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Dilmah Fruity Minty Delicious Tea

A smooth blend of fruits and spices that yields a peachy, minty natural infusion. Though mild and light, the combination is delicious and leaves the palate refreshed and fragrant.

Dilmah Organic Pure Green Tea

A highly refined steamed organic green tea; refreshing and soft. A mild sencha with a grassy, green taste. A must for every sencha lover.
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