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FiordiFrutta Organic Fruit Spread Forest Fruits, 250 g

Top your breakfast with a delicious fresh fruit spread made from organic forest fruits.
€3,97 €3,17

Grainfields Organic Brownie Mix, 400 g

Put delicious brownies on the table in no time with this traditionally prepared mix. Quick and easy to prepare.
€3,97 €3,17

De Nieuwe Band Organic Black Rice, 500 g

Black rice is a fiber-rich whole grain rice. Like brown rice, it gives a longer filling feeling. Black rice has a nutty taste.

De Nieuwe Band Organic Mulberries, 250 gr

These white mulberries are wonderfully soft and honeyed. They seem to contain a lot of iron, calcium, vitamins C and K.

De Nieuwe Band Nuts Mix, 200 gr

Nut mix of organically grown hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, white almonds and cashew nuts. Raw and unsalted.

De Nieuwe Band Organic Sweet Brown Rice, 500 g

This sweet brown rice cooks mushy and is ideal for use in sweet dishes such as pies, risotto and rice pudding.

la Bio Idea Organic Lemon Juice, 100 ml

Squeeze bottle with juice from organically grown lemons for flavoring various dishes.

De Nieuwe Band Cashew Nuts, 200 gr

Organic cashew nuts with a delicious taste. Ideal for oriental dishes or as a snack. Packed with proteins and minerals.

De Nieuwe Band Flaxseed Broken

With its slightly nutty taste, the organic linseed is delicious with your (yogurt or oatmeal) breakfast, in a smoothie, dressing or salad.

Clearspring Organic Jackfruit Chunks, 500 g

Jackfruit is a fruit whose structure makes it an ideal meat substitute in meaty dishes such as rendang and stew. It has a firm bite and mild taste.

De Nieuwe Band Dates Without Seeds

Organically grown dates without seeds. The dates are not fumigated or sulphurized. Delicious as a healthy snack or use them in banana bread.

De Nieuwe Band Organic Oatmeal, 500 gr

Oatmeal is dried, peeled and chopped oats. Oatmeal is used for breakfast in porridge form, as an ingredient in muesli and can be used in bread and pastries.

Het Blauwe Huis Organic Licorice Sticks, 20 gr

Organically grown licorice sticks. Stir a stick into your tea as a natural sweetener or use it in a stew or dessert.

De Nieuwe Band Organic Bulgur, 500 gr

This organic bulgur is made from durum wheat and is widely used in Turkish, Arabic, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. It has a slightly nutty taste.

De Nieuwe Band Organic Red Rice, 500 g

This organic red rice is a solid whole grain rice and has a nutty taste. You can compare it with jasmine rice, a bit firmer and of course with a red color.

Bauckhof Organic Buckwheat Flour, 500 gr

With buckwheat flour you can go in all directions, for both sweet and savory dishes. For example, bake pancakes or banana bread with it.
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