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Chakra Dried Curry Leaves

One of those secret ingredients from India is the curry leav..

Chakra Instant Dosa Mix, 1 kg

Dosa is a thin, crispy and savory pancake, a dish very popul..

Aachi Masala Rasam Powder, 200 gr

With this Rasam Powder you make a famous South Indian dish w..

Chakra Sesame Balls

Sesame balls, a tasty snack and delicious to eat as a snack...

Native Food Finger Millet Flakes, 500 gr

Finger Millet Flakes are perfect for breakfast and to start ..

Chakra Roasted Kabuli Channa With Skin, 500 gr

Roasted Kabuli Channa with skin of Chakra have a nutty and c..

Anil Roasted Payasam Vermicelli

Payasam Vermicelli can be made from whole wheat flour. It is..

Anil Ragi Vermicelli, 450 gr

Ragi vermicelli is a healthier version of vermicelli. Made f..

Aachi Masala Rice Idli - Breakfast Mix, 1 kg

Rice Idli Mix for easy preparation of one of the healthiest ..

Anil Roasted Short Vermicelli Blue, 450 gr

Vermicelli or Semia is an Indian type of spaghetti made from..

Anil Pearl Millet (Kambu) Vermicelli, 180 g

Pearl Millet Vermicelli is an excellent storehouse of protei..

Surya Noodles with Masala, 180 g

Wheat-based noodles for making the most delicious dishes. A ..

Chakra Roasted Kabuli Channa Split, 500 gr

Roasted chickpeas (Kabuli Channa) from Chakra have a nutty a..

Anil Sorghum Millet Vermicelli, 180 g

Sorghum Vermicelli contains a variety of beneficial phytoche..

Anil Finger Millet (Ragi) Dosa Mix, 500 g

Finger Millet Dosa Mix is a healthy breakfast from South Ind..

Anil Noodles with Masala, 220 g

Wheat-based noodles for making the most delicious dishes. A ..
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