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Chakra Red Parboiled Rice

Red precooked rice, also called red matta rice, is low in ca..

Chakra Seeraga Samba Rice (Jeerasal - Kaima)

Seeraga Samba rice is a gluten-free white rice, which is a s..

Chakra Ponni Boiled Rice

Ponni precooked rice is a healthy white rice and provides an..

Chakra Sona Masoori Rice

Sona Masoori rice is a gluten-free white rice, very aromatic..

Chakra Red Raw Rice Polished

This Red Raw red rice is polished, has a firm bite and a nut..

Chakra Mottakaruppan Rice

Mottakaruppan rice, also called handpound rice, is a healthy..

Chakra Puffed Rice

Puffed rice is also known as mudhi or murai, laiyya or murmu..

Chakra Idly Rice

The grain of idly rice is short, thick and firm. The rice gr..

Chakra Ponni Raw Rice

Ponni Raw rice is very popular in India and is an excellent ..

Laila Basmati Rice, 5 kg

Basmati rice is known for its tantalizing taste, magical aro..

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice, 1 kg

Basmati rice is known for its tantalizing taste, magical aro..

De Nieuwe Band Organic Basmati Rice Brown, 500 gr

This aromatic basmati rice cooks nicely dry and smells and t..

De Nieuwe Band Organic Brown Rice , 500 gr

This well-known rice is ideal as a base for fried rice, with..

Aachi Masala Masala Rice For Biryani, 500 gr

The Masala Rice for Biryani is already prepared with a rich ..

What is rice?

Rice is a grain (rice plant) which comes from India, among others. There are various types of rice and the size of the rice grain differs per rice type.

Is rice gluten free?

Rice is basically gluten-free. However, it can happen during the processing process that a so-called cross-contamination takes place. Because several products are processed and packaged, there may be traces of gluten from other products in the rice. Rice varieties where it is 100% certain that they do not contain gluten are labeled gluten-free rice in our shop. The rice without this label may contain traces of gluten.

Cooking rice? Or another preparation of rice

Rice can be prepared in different ways. Cooking rice is the most common form of preparation. But in addition to cooked rice, the rice can also be puffed (rice cakes) or, for example, ground into a flour or flour.

Rice in our shop is

Rijst 100% natural
Rijst 100% vegetable
Rijst without additions

In our shop we offer various types of premium rice, each with its own characteristic in smell and / or taste or preparation, which has undergone one of the following processing (s):

Unpolished rice: after removing the chaff, a pericarp remains around the rice grain. The rice also contains the reddish-brown bran. This rice is called brown rice or brown rice. The unpolished rice has a full, nutty scent. Although the rice undergoes less processing, it is generally more expensive. This is because the removed rice bran in polished rice (white rice) can be sold separately and thus represents a separate source of income for the grower.

Polished rice: In this case, the unpolished rice is ground, removing most of the husk and bran. Although the unpolished rice contains more nutrients than polished rice (vitamin B1, vitamin E, protein, fat, dietary fiber are lost) this is still done because polished (white rice) has a shorter cooking time. The removed bran is used in, among other things, animal feed or it is added as a dietary fiber in other foods.

Pre-cooked rice: the rice is cooked in the chaff. As a result, more nutrients are retained in the rice after peeling. This rice is also easier to prepare for the consumer because pre-cooked rice changes in texture. Thus, precooked rice can be either unpolished rice or polished rice.

Rice per person

Use about 100 grams of rice per person in the preparation of rice. During cooking, the rice absorbs moisture and the amount of rice per person will be approximately 250 grams.

Rice seasoning

When preparing rice, try one of our many rice spices for a whole new taste experience. Combine this with a desired vegetable and you get a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal.

Shelf life of rice

If stored in a dry, dark and cool place, the rice can be kept for at least 2 years.


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