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Aachi Masala Vathakulambu Rice Paste, 300 gr

Enjoy this delicious Indian ready mix curry paste and be amazed by the exquisite taste of Indian cuisine.

Aachi Masala Masala Rice For Biryani, 500 gr

The Masala Rice for Biryani is already prepared with a rich spice mixture, which brings out the authentic Indian taste. Just add your favorite vegetables and/or meat, cook and enjoy!

Aachi Masala Chicken Lollypop Masala

Chicken Lollypop Masala is an aromatic and spicy spice mix to prepare delicious chicken drumsticks. Let the chicken marinate in the mix and then fry it.

Chakra Amchur Powder, 100 gr

Mango powder gives a fresh, sour taste to a dish. It is made by grinding dried mangoes. Mango powder is used in many North Indian vegetarian dishes.

Aachi Masala Pilau Biryani Masala

With the Pilau Biryani Masala you can make a delicious rice dish in combination with chicken. Pilau originated somewhere in the Middle East, but due to its high level of flavors, the dish spread far and wide.

Aachi Masala Jaffna Curry Powder, 900 gr

Jaffna Curry Powder is a traditional roasted curry powder with a mix of various spices. This spice mix is indispensable in Indian cuisine and gives the right flavor in your dishes. Order it now!

Chakra Sundakkai Vathal, 100 gr

Dried nightshade berries (Sundakkai Vathal) are widely used in cooking curries in India. They have a bitter taste.

Aachi Masala Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is an intense, layered, mildly spicy spice mix for frying small pieces of (tikka) chicken in typical Indian spices. Add a delicious mint chutney as a dip.

Aachi Masala Chukku Malli Coffee Powder, 200 gr

Chukku coffee is not coffee as the name suggests, but a mixture of spices, which must be dissolved in water and boiled.

Manji Dried Red Chillies

Dried red chillies can be used in your dishes to create more depth, flavor and nuance. It is indispensable in Indian cuisine.

TRS Tamarind, 200 g

Tamarind tastes sour and can be used just like vinegar or lemon juice to tenderize meat. It can be used in, for example, chutneys, curries, sauces, marinades or stews.

TRS Mace - Javentry, 50 gr

Mace is a spice used in cooking with a rather mild taste. Mace is the dried seed coat of the nutmeg, which comes from the nutmeg tree.

Aachi Masala Tamarind Rice Paste

Tamarind has a flavorful sour taste with a hint of sweetness that is used around the world as a natural sour ingredient and as a substitute for lemon and vinegar.

Native Food Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Powder, 500 gr

Himalayan salt is healthier than normal table salt, due to the amount of trace elements and minerals that Himalayan salt contains, for example calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and iron. That means you need a lot less salt for a salty taste.

Aachi Masala Gobi Manchurian Mix

Gobi Manchurian Mix is a cauliflower spice mix for a deep fried cauliflower dish. Gobi Manchurian is the result of the adaptation of Chinese cooking and tasting techniques to Indian taste and is a staple of Indian Chinese cuisine.

Aachi Masala Puliyodharai Rice Powder, 200 gr

With the Puliyodharai Rice Powder rice spice mix with a spicy and tasty tamarind flavor you can put a delicious rice dish on the table in no time. It goes very well with curries and vegetables.
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