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What is a healthy breakfast?

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What is a healthy breakfast?

What is a healthy breakfast?

Many cite breakfast as the most important meal of the day. It must contain sufficient energy (carbohydrates), dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. This ensures that we get through the morning in a good mood and concentrated.

To get enough energy, a good breakfast is a balanced meal. It contains 20 to 25% of your daily energy requirement. If you need 2000 kcal in a day, this comes down to 400 to 500 kcal.

Normally, most get this from fruit and whole wheat bread. You can read later in this article that this can be done differently, with more variety.
The average Dutch person takes a glass of water, fresh fruit juice or milk or a cup of coffee or tea (preferably without sugar) for breakfast. This is combined with bread, oatmeal or muesli.

To make or keep this healthier, you prefer not to take more than 1 glass of fruit juice, choose brown or wholemeal bread and a wholegrain variant of oatmeal or muesli (non-sugared). As a topping, a piece of sliced ​​fruit is of course better than the well-known sprinkles. When choosing milk, choose a semi-skimmed milk with no added sugar.

For a change, have a slice of cheese or an egg or a piece of meat. With the latter, make sure that you keep this limited and that you choose fresh meat over processed meats.

How much can I take?

This completely depends on your daily amount of energy. This depends on your gender, age, weight and the physical effort you have to make. It goes without saying that a young athlete needs more energy and therefore a more extensive breakfast than, for example, an older person with less exercise and slightly overweight.

Ideas for a more varied breakfast

Although you can of course vary with products that are familiar to you, it is also advisable to look for variety in products that you may not know yet:

  1. Upma
    This is a delicious and nutritious breakfast made from roasted coarse semolina supplemented with various herbs and spices. Vegetables are added to taste. Ready in 10 minutes!
  2.  Millet-based breakfast cereals.
  3. Dosa
    This is made from a batter of semolina and rice flour that is fried into a thin sour pancake.
  4. Breakfast flakes based on millet.
  5. Steamed products.
    This is a healthier way of preparing and we have various recipes for you such as: idli, uppu urundai and siddu.
  6. Poha oatmeal
    Oatmeal combined with various spices and vegetables. Recipe poha oatmeal
  7. Masala omelette
    The masala omelette can be a delicious and filling meal for the morning, thanks to the combination of eggs, onions, tomatoes and flavorful spices. Recipe masala omelette
  8. Pokara bread
    It's crunchy on the outside and tastes heavenly on the inside with potato filling and spices. Pakora bread recipe
  9. Pongal
    This is a sweet rice dish.
  10. Masala Anda Bhurji
    This Indian form of scrambled eggs is a tasty treat for any egg lover. Recipe masal anda bhurji

Looking for even more variety? Then keep an eye on our blog. We regularly post new recipes and ideas.


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